DOUGHTOWN is my one-man micro-bakery for hand-crafted breads & other delights. I bake 8 - 18 loaves each week for friends and maintain a bread-spiration blog.

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The Facts of Loaf

On one hand, DOUGHTOWN is simply about bread—tasty, naturally-leavened, and made with organic ingredients. Grab a slice and eat up.

On the other hand, it’s a celebration of handmade creation—the synthesis of grains, wild yeast, water, and temperature. Hand-mixed and hand-shaped, each loaf is a testament of time, technique, and transformation that’s less and less common in this on-demand, fast-paced, and prefabricated world. 

But, at its heart, DOUGHTOWN is about connecting with other people. Bakers', farmers’, and millers’ passions and labor feed hungry eaters. For those gathered to enjoy it, bread becomes a catalyst for appreciating, nourishing, and savoring life and one another.

What started out as curiosity (“Could I actually make bread?”) has grown into a personal practice and unexpected cottage industry. This journey of learning and weekly acts of hands-on creativity continue to enrich my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. It’s a privilege to share DOUGHTOWN with you.

I bake to feed myself and others, but also to remind us of who we can become (and perhaps who we are already). Each loaf carries a little bit of that flavor, inspiration, and love.

In addition to community carbohydration, DOUGHTOWN has been an entrepreneurial sandbox. Sales of DOUGHTOWN bakewear (t-shirts and totes) will fund future bread workshops and a stone deck oven.

I’ve been knitting for more than a decade. After spending hours of pushing pixels in an office, it’s refreshing create with my own two hands. I hosted the YKNIT podcast (19 episodes, 2009), appeared on HGTV's Knitty Gritty as a guest designer (2006), taught workshop all over the world, and have had many patterns published.


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A little bit of everything.

Side projects keep me sharp. I am better at cobbling concepts together during my day job because I make time for handiwork with flour and wool.