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Stephen Houghton

/'stē·vən ‘hō·tən/

noun. a vegequarian human and one-eyed French bulldog companion.

synonyms: husband, bread baker, Icelandophile, knitwear designer.

formerly: aspiring circus freak, synchronized swimmer, ultramarathoner, Eagle Boy Scout, ballet dancer.

After a childhood traipsing up and down the East Coast from Tennessee to Quebec, I settled in the Philadelphia area long enough to achieve perfect high school attendance and graduate from the University of Pennsylvania. In 1996, I high-tailed it to San Francisco where I’ve been living happily ever after.

My award-winning work is fueled by the conviction that online media enable us to connect with our passions, each other, and something larger than ourselves. I'm an energetic, visionary, get-it-done guy, versed in all facets of brand marketing and communication.

My skills straddle “smart” and “art.” I’m an idea baker of concepts big and small, a deft copywriter for diverse audiences and occasions, and a fellow who plays nicely with others (colleagues, agencies, and the big bosses). Oh, I’m a swell listener, too.

I'm also the son of a preacher man, but have never dated Dusty Springfield. But, as she sings, I’d like to be the one that reaches you.

Let's talk: howdy [at] stephenhoughton [dot] com