The objective of this direct-to-consumer business is to bring Chronicle’s editorial expertise into this growing (but often low-quality and poorly-designed) segment of children’s publishing. It offers a compelling reason to buy from and not a certain e-commerce juggernaut based in Seattle.

The website brings the MyChronicleBooks branding and friendly voice to life. I created a simple and clear navigation system intended to accommodate the not-so-web-savvy visitors who shop by item type, recipient age, or occasion. The IA remains flexible enough so specific collections can be featured and promoted.

In just two years, MyChronicleBooks has been so successful that Chronicle’s parent company, the McEvoy Group, recently purchased the largest print-on-demand competitor,

Chronicle Books: MyChronicleBooks

2012 Launch

2013 Redesign

Strategy, IA, UX, copywriting, video treatment, project management.

MyChronicleBooks is a foray into the world of print-on-demand, personalized books and keepsakes.