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Dear Josey Baker,

At long last, your book is here for the world to see and taste and bake. Congratu-freaking-lations!

One of the perks of working in publishing is getting to see manuscripts long before they go to the printer. When I peeked at yours last summer, I did cartwheels because you included the recipe for Dark Mountain Rye. Of all your breads (and how can anyone pick a favorite?), that guy has the most soul and complexity. As you know from Instagram, I’ve been baking from it weekly since July. Who would have dreamt that you could make a dense, seedy, hearty loaf in an average apartment kitchen?

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Chronicle Books:

Josey Baker Bread


Copywriting, art direction.

To support the launch of Josey Baker Bread, the marketing group turned to me as the resident baker to pen an homage to the man himself that echoes his writing's voice and enthusiasm.

The animated .GIF was shared on social media, Tumblr, and in email campaigns, as well as used in the sales team's toolkit.