Over the course of nine years, there were scads of projects.

There were creative briefs, RFPs, websites, redesigns, countless rounds of feedback, brainstorms, annual plans, a blog, podcasts, and even an iPhone app. 

Back then, I didn’t think in terms of maintaining a portfolio, so my archive is sparse.

I navigated through Web 1.0, the dot-com bubble burst, the rise and fall of low-carb diets, Web 2.0, the adoption of social media, the birth of new brands, and the repositioning (and retiring) of others.

Instead of clips of fabulous web work (so much to choose from), tag lines (2 Mile Challenge's "Commute in your pants."), brand stories (MOJO's packaging copy when it relaunched from the black to the mustard wrapper), or flavor names (Orange Bliss LUNA, may she rest in peace), here's the final piece I wrote:

Clif Bar & Company:


2000 - 2009

Strategy, UX, copywriting, project management, CSA veggie box wrangling.

From: shoughton@clifbar.com

Sent: Thursday, October 8, 2009

To: Clif People - All

Subject: CLIF-flections

This place has changed my life. As Snyder pointed out, 25% of my life has been lived here, and half of my adulthood.

Before Clif (B.C.), I

  • had never tried yoga or synchronized swimming, or dreamt of joining the circus;

  • didn't eat organic anything, own a cell phone, or a house;

  • had never traveled to Las Vegas, Ft. Lauderdale, Switzerland, Australia, Poland. or the Sahara Desert;

  • hadn't spoken at SXSW, been interviewed on MarketWatch, or appeared in Sports Illustrated;

  • wasn't married, a hybrid car driver, a coffee or denim snob; and

  • wasn't a blogger, knitter, or a dog owner.

At Clif, I've hired a fresh college graduate and watched her grow (Amy); collaborated with a savvy colleague and peer (Wendy); been honored and inspired daily by the depth of talent of my group (Creative); thrived in the company of passionate and skilled professionals (everyone here); learned from a leader who's always asking questions to make things the best they can be (Michelle); and been proud to be part the White Road journey guided by the vision and hearts of Clif's owners (Kit and Gary).

Most importantly, I've enjoyed knowing everyone here, whether it's just a smile in the hallway, a laugh or dance move in the gym, the give-and-take of ideas during meetings, or the many deep and lasting friendships.

Of all five CB&C aspirations, I truly believe the greatest asset is the people. That is what I am most grateful for and will miss the most. 

I'm not leaving CB&C. After nine years it will forever be a part of me. It's made me who I am today. I'll always carry Clif in my heart as I venture off onto this new path to become who this place has prepared me to be.

Do ALL you can to keep this place special!


Stephen (& Janie Sparkles)